Habanada Seeds

IMG_3440The Row 7 Project begins today with Habanada Pepper seeds. Yes, usually I start them right after Christmas, but this is a special project.  Couldn’t resiste the Habanada offered by Baker Creek Seeds this year.  I have one healthy plant ready to transplant to my garden. Row 7 Seeds were handed to me yesterday, still boxed, by Jane Marshall. Row 7 is Dan Barber’s new Seed Co. founded to focus on great tasting vegetables.  Here’s how I started the peppers:  in moist organic seed starter mix (Jiffy) I mixed Azomite and a handful of worm castings, moistened it more, then packed it lightly in 6 packs and planted 2-3 seeds per cell. Now two 6 packs sit on heat mats set to 75 degrees indoors.  Next, I’ll start the cucumber (7082), then the two Moschata squashes (898 Squash and Robin’s Koginut Squash).  Red Badger Beets will be seeded in a large pot and also in my garden.


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