7082 Cucumber–Experimental

Started on May 9th, the first signs of germination appeared on Saturday, May 12th!  The seeds were planted 1/2″ deep in moist potting soil (Edna’s Organic).  I kept them warm in the dark laundry room which is about 82 degrees with a damp towel on top of them.  Impressive 100% germination rate!  This is a hybrid seed (F1), and the breeder is M. Mazouek of Row 7 Seeds.

Since this cucumber is a slicer, and grown for “complex flavors long forgotten in cucumbers,” I’m hoping for a really delicious salad cucumber.  These babies will be allowed to grow in their deep 4″ pots until the first true leaves appear, then I’ll harden them off and gently transplant to either a large pot or to the garden.  Avoiding handling the roots of cucumbers (and melons) is important, so I chose deeper pots for these seeds.


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