Tomato Interrupted ?


What happened to my daily tomato report?   Such a busy spring, with fruit tree feeding, bread classes, compost spreading, and more.  And then I started four additional tomatoes on April 4th, and now they are coming up.  Stone Ridge (from Hudson Valley Seed), Malakhitovaya Shkatulka (Baker Creek), and two that my seed buddy picked up for me in September from Portland Seed House Piennolo del Vesusius and Yellow Piennelo of Serbia.  These last two are said to be intense and sweet; they were gathered originally from Tierra Madre (Annual Food Festival in Italy)  and have that pointed apex, plum shape and work great for drying. The red ones came to me as very ripe tomatoes, and I saved the seeds.

Back to the tomato with the longest name:  Malakhitovaya Shkutulka.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  describes this one as “early, light to olive green, medium sized tomato has succulent bright green flesh that is flavorful and tasty.  Plants are productive even in the north, as this variety was developed at Svetlana Farm in Russia, and it has been tested in Siberia!” (Exclamation in original.) So… how will it do near the coast in Southern California?

Have already distributed some seedlings to friends:  The Green Zebras from Siskyou  Seed Com. are the healthiest, earliest, and have the strongest stems. IMG_2490 I love their seed package.

Stone Ridge is one of those ridge heirloom tomatoes, and the fruit is dense, bottom heavy, and sweet.  90 days from transplant for this one ( which is a long time). Have also distributed the Compari (saved from eaten tomatoes by Grow LA Victory Garden Students 2 years ago at my Emerson Ave. Commiunty Garden Class.  Photos of some of these seedlings will be posted soon.


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