Tomato List #1

Planted indoors under lights:  I use a compact 2-shelf system with T-4 lights from Gardener’s Supply (Vermont). 

  1. Amos Coli–Baker Creek
  2. Green Zebra–Siskiyous Seeds. Germination on day 6.
  3. Compari–Belford (home grown). Germination on day 6.
  4. Tommy Toe (cherry)– Baker Creek
  5. Sioux–Baker Creek
  6. Siletz–Peaceful Valley (
  7. Stupice Renee’s

Planted outdoors in my new $30.00 greenhouse (Tuesday Morning).  Hope these seeds make it because when I tested the soil temp. on Friday it had hit 100 degrees.  Immediately moved them to the shade, and I hope the life didn’t get cooked out of them.  Fingers crossed.  If nothing comes up in 10 days, I’ll start over.

  1. TIgerstripe Cherry (New Mexico–unidentified source)
  2. Beam’s Yellow Pear–Seed Saver’s Exchange
  3. 10 Fingers of Naples–Baker Creek
  4. Jamato Banan Pear Tomato
  5. Sungold Cherry Renee’s
  6. Pruden’s Purple — Hudson Valley Seeds
  7. High Tunnel Blend–Zulu Petals Seeds (NM)
  8. Hamsonita DETERMINATE. J. Lofthouse Landrace Seeds
  9. Siberian DETERMINATE. Seeds Saver’s Exchange

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