Tomato Diaries

After returning from Sante Fe, NY (Rocky Mountain Seed Summit) I was ready to plant tomato seeds.  On *Willa Koerner’s birthday (3/8) I finally got the seeds in.  On Tuesday I cleaned and sterilized the six pack using 4 five gallon buckets.  First I sprayed and brushed off dirt, then Second, soak to loosen anything left.  Third a 1/2 cup clorox in a full bucket to sterilize, and Fourth, a rinse bucket.  Then they had to dry.

The six packs were really dirty, of course, covered with soil, spider eggs, dried on grass and worm castings, all sorts of filth.

The planting medium–Edna’s Organics seed starting mix from Armstrong’s.  It contains peat moss and perlite, which I don’t like so much; it floats to the top.  But it’s good for the roots when they develop and keeps seedlings from being over watered.  Noticed quite a few small wood pieces which I do not see mentioned on the ingredients list.

*Willa is my daughter-in-law as of Labor Day, 2016!


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