Spelt, Grain of the Future

Spelt (Triticum spelta. L)


“Spelt is the better cereal–warm, rich in nutrition and milder than other grains.  It builds a strong body and healthy blood, and makes the human spirit warm and happy.” Hildegard of Bingen.

Einkorn, emmer and spelt are the earliest known species of wheat.  Spelt has drawn much interest of late, becoming much more popular.  These ancient wheats are more nutritious , having higher protein levels and more vitamins and minerals than regular wheat.  The taste of spelt is pronounced, nutty and a bit sweeter.

For the farmer, the grower of spelt, organic methods make sense.  Spelt is not a heavy feeder; it needs less fertilizer than other wheats.  And because spelt grains are covered with an extra hull, it resists pests and fungi.  Drawbacks include the time and effort needed to clean the grain; spelt must be de-hulled, and thus it has a lower yield than regular wheat.


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