SOURDOUGH CLASS 3/9/14 Registration

Emerson Ave. Community GardenOn Sunday, March 9th, 2014 (1:00-4pm) I’ll lead a class in sourdough bread and crackers.  This class will meet at the Westchester United Methodist Church on Emerson Ave.  As with all our classes, we are limited to 16 students. Inspired by the work of Chad Robertson in his excellent book, Tartine Bread, I will demonstrate how to build and store your own sourdough starter and use it to prepare great San Francisco style, restaurant-quality bread in your home kitchen. I have been baking this type of bread for several years.  We will also learn to make tasty whole grain sourdough crackers.

Taking classes with two of California’s best bakers, Craig Ponsford (San Rafael) and Dave Miller (Chico), I now feel prepared to teach this class.  My friends in LABB (Los Angeles Bread Bakers) and SLOLA (Seed Library of LA) have connected me to like-minded bakers who share my love for the art and craft of baking bread and growing wheat.  Nan Kohler, of Grist & Toll in Pasadena, is helping us recover a true wheat connection in Los Angeles by establishing a mill.  Over the past 5 years, bread baking has become an even more important part of my family life, and I hope you will join me in my enthusiasm for working with whole-grain flours.

Before the class, you may want to read the first two chapters of  Chad Robertson’s 2010 book, Tartine Bread.  If you want to bake your bread in a closed cast iron pot, as he recommends, you can buy a combo cooker online for about $30.00-$35.00.   You do not need to bring it to class.  A cloche works well too, but is more expensive.

Elizabeth Sala and I are very grateful for the generous support of the Emerson Ave. Community Garden Club and its members who have made these Food Preservation Classes available at an affordable price ($20.00/class).

–Dana Morgan

Registration was closed Thursday, March 6 at 10pm.



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