Venice Learning Garden

I just watched a DVD about the Venice Learning Garden, which demonstrates the numerous possibilities of a community or school garden better than I imagined possible.  The beauty of the garden is what struck me first.  The people who care so much about teaching the Venice high school students about plants and the natural world also makes a strong impact.  My visceral reaction took me away from the computer screen to imagining the place where I have been taking classes for the last three Sundays. Last week we separated plants, artichokes, day lily, rhubarb, bamboo, and succulents.  We gave plants “the opportunity” to multiply and flourish.  They will find a new home.  Truly, Michael Pollan’s idea in Botany of Desire hits the mark when he says that the plants are domesticating us, training us to assist them in their desire to spread their seed.  I, for one, am happy to do their bidding.

We all need to get out there into the garden, dig in the soil, plant tiny seeds, and patiently watch them grow.  Through doing so, we will enrich our lives, and open up to the experiences that build courage  and meaning.  The virtual world of  the computer and cell phone and ebook cannot do this for us.  For more about the Venice Learning Garden:


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