Plant Propagation

planting seeds

2 sixpacks

The second class for Plant Propagation at the Venice Learning Garden was a few students short.  The rain was light, but must have frightened some students away.  We talked about seeds dicots and monocots, and David King had posted several handouts for us at LAGardennotes.  We planted small seeds and medium size seeds in six packs, everyone choosing different plants.  Everyone also planted 4 fava beans in the four corners of a 4 inch pot.  Tomato  plants were moved to the greenhouse to warm the soil on a 76 degree hotpad, and the other plants were moved to near the rose garden.  How they’ll do after a week of rain storms in LA will remain to be seen. The idiosyncrasies of germination are fascinating.    The soil we used for the seeds was a mix of  1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 compost (from the city), and 1/3 peat moss.   David King recommends pressing the soil down firmly in the pot before adding seeds.

BLUEBERRIES:  Yesterday, Monday, the rain was very intense, about 2 inches here in Westchester.  That morning Paul and I had planted 5 blueberries after mixing soil (perlite, vermiculite, compost, peat moss, sand, and garden soil).  Two of them were bare root (from Home Depot).  Two plants were purchased in gallon pots from Armstrong Garden Center and 1 was from International.  The leaves on these plants had browned and the plants looked dead, but just recently had started to send out green shoots.  I thought I’d killed them by not planting!  I hope they enjoy the rain.  Two more storms are expected, today and tomorrow.

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