Row 7 Seeds Squash & Cucumber

Cucumbers have done well for me before in 15 gallon containers.  I’m eager to see how the 898 Cucumber from Row 7 Seeds will do.  Three 898 cucumbers were germinated in a 4″ container, and carefully transplanted to this 15 gal. plastic pot 2 weeks ago.  I see new growth, and even the sign of one fruit starting!

Two squash varieties were also transplanted:  The 898 Baby Butternut and Robin’s Koginut Squash. Squash are heavy feeders, so I hope that I can grow squash successfully in these pots.  I mixed 1/3 bagged organic compost (Whitney Farms) from Costco, 1/4 cup worm castings, and 2/3 organic potting soil with 1/2 cup Azomite.  I’m going to keep my eye out for pests, and may need to prevent powdery mildew, a major issue as I’m about 5 miles from the Pacific.  My tomatoes are suffering from early season powdery mildew already–so sad.


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