What I Learned from Nuestras Raices

a. Keep the avenues of communication open and simple. Have one garden leader per group working/planting in the garden. From Ramiro, for each group that has allotted space in the garden, have only one contact person
b. Manage soil vitality equitably. At La Finca, the allotted spaces are fertilized equally at the beginning of the spring season.
c. Designate a contact person for emergencies and post it in the garden: water main breaks, vandalism, etc.
d. Celebrate together to build community and share garden knowledge
e. Encourage cross-cultural relationships. These will develop naturally out of interest in new plants and gardening strategies
f. Give natural leaders responsibility in the garden. The garden empowers hard workers who want to learn and teach others. Families who started in the small urban gardens stuck with it and moved to La Finca to grow produce for sale.
g. Create a comfortable place in the shade to sit and socialize or to think alone
h. Trust the power of youth to get things done. Elementary age students and teenagers have lots of energy and enthusiasm which get things done with joy, inspiring others.
i. Create opportunities for people to work together and trust them. That is the garden.
j. Be patient! Just as we must wait for plants to mature and become fruitful, the same is true of a garden.


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