Victory Garden Initiative

This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of vegetable gardening in a 4-week session. These classes are for adults and will cover basic vegetable gardening. By attending all four classes in the series, you will become a UC Certified Victory Gardener.  On the west side classes will take place at the Venice Learning Garden and the cost for all 4 classes will be $70.00.  Or $20/class.  To register, contact David King, the gardenmaster for the Learning Garden.  If you’d like more information about the Victory Garden Initiative visit here.



  1. dana

    Planting a garden to grow our own food is probably one of the most powerful acts we can undertake as individuals. It helps us change the way we think about the world, to feel more connected to the earth. Gardening reduces our sense of separation from the natural world and that includes all of humankind.


  2. dana

    Nixie: Our college has now decided to pay for our garden (and construct it) as part of the bond issue. This is a big change. It’s clear that they want an excellent garden!


  3. That is wonderful news! You’ve really been working hard on this. Good for you!


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