Plant Lovers

Why did I wait so long to take a class with David King?  The first class of 8 sessions met Sunday from 1:30-5PM.  On my way home I bought a couple blueberry plants at Home Depot inspired by David’s story of  “giving up” his blueberries.

Within about 15 minutes it was clear why David is such a popular teacher.   Of course he is knowledgeable about gardening and plants, but in addition he is welcoming, encouraging, and honest about his own failures and inspirations.  The students in the class were familiar with him, friends with him.  David is a story teller, a lover of  roses, a dog named Tree, California native plants, and good food, which he commended past students for bringing to the previous term’s classes.  He had prepared warm drinks for our first class of about 30 at the Venice Learning Garden.  Next Sunday, I imagine we’ll have more snacks.  I will think carefully about what to bring:  fresh bread, a savory tart?  Eggplant caviar?  The class meets from 1:30 until about 5PM.  We will need sustenance as we’re mixing soil and will work up an appetite.

He told us about being inspired to learn about grafting by his Intro to Horticulture teacher, who told him a story of saving a dying live oak.  The arborist waited 12 years for the trees to get large enough to graft to the older dying oak.   “Patience,” he says,” is a value for most people, but it is a necessity for gardeners.”

The plant propagation class for gardeners meets outside in the perfect location; it’s in the middle of a large garden with beds planted by UCLA extension students, Venice High School students, and of course by David King. During the break students rushed to the garden, plant lovers every one.


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